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Brand-new PlayStation model appears online and leaves fans stunned

Brand-new PlayStation model appears online and leaves fans stunned

One YouTuber has engineered a working PlayStation 5 tablet, and viewers want Sony to make this prototype a reality.

One YouTuber has created a new, albeit unofficial, PlayStation 5 tablet - and it left stunned viewers asking Sony to make this prototype a reality.

Sony has really been increasing its hardware output lately. Last year saw the PlayStation Portal, DualSense Edge, and overhauled PlayStation 5 Slim launched. Already this year, new PS5 Slim coloured plates have been showcased, plus a DualSense Version 2 appeared on the site of a US retailer boasting an improved battery life. The PlayStation Portal was perhaps the most innovative product launched last year, allowing PS5 users to play on-the-go. Well, on-the-go as long as you’re connected to your base console and WiFi, so in another room essentially.

Take a look at the PlayStation Portal in action below.

YouTuber DIY Perks came up with the idea of a PlayStation 5 tablet instead, creating a working prototype and posting a tutorial to YouTube, as reported by GamesRadar. It was a risky build. DIY Perks had to disassemble a PlayStation 5 console, which is a rather pricey bit of hardware, in order to reassemble it as a working tablet.

Of course, it wasn’t as simple as rejigging a few pieces about. DIY Perks had to engineer a few changes as well. The finished tablet ended up boasting an OLED screen and 4K visuals. It’s an undoubtedly cool idea - and it’s very impressive to see the finished product working. Take a look below.

DIY Perks said this idea was made possible thanks to the PS5’s recent redesign as the internal components, namely the motherboard, are now much smaller than they were previously. Needless to say, viewers were blown away. “I can’t get over how incredible this turned out. This sort of form factor should seriously be considered in the future,” wrote one, while another added, “This is one of my favourite projects you’ve done on the channel. Such a smartly designed reconfiguration and the end result looks fantastic.” We quite agree.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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