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PlayStation drops brand new console out of nowhere

PlayStation drops brand new console out of nowhere

Sony just announced a brand new redesigned PlayStation 5, set to launch later this year.

Oh my, oh my. We’ve been hearing rumours of a redesigned PlayStation 5 for quite some time. Well, it looks as if those rumours were true. Sony has just debuted a brand new redesigned PlayStation 5 console which is set to launch in the remainder of this year.

Yes, you heard me. Both the digital and regular PlayStation 5 consoles are receiving an aesthetic overhaul and spec boost. Mind, this isn’t a PS5 Pro or a PS5 Slim, even if these updated versions do embody traits you’d associate with those titles. This is simply a redesigned PlayStation 5. The new version features, as leakers suggested, a detachable disc drive - meaning Sony now has one base console. If you want a disc tray, you simply remove a side plate, and click it onto your console.

Take a look at the brand new consoles below.

The new Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive isn’t the only snazzy feature. The redesigned PlayStation 5s will feature 1TB SSD to boost internal storage. The weight and volume has also been reduced which is good because PS5s are hefty lads. Volume has been decreased by 30% and weight by 18% and 24% compared to previous models. The top also now features a ‘glossy’ finish while the bottom half of the panels remain matte.

The console will be available from November in the US, with a global rollout in the following months. Sony will continue selling the existing PS5 model but only until stocks run out, so if you want the OG design, act now.

If you purchase the new console with the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive included, it’ll cost you 499.99 USD / 549.99 EUR / 479.99 GBP / 66,980 JPY. If you purchase the digital version, it’ll cost 449.99 USD / 449.99 EUR / 389.99 GBP / 59,980 JPY. You can choose to add the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive at a later date. Alone, this add on costs 79.99 USD / 119.99 EUR / 99.99 GBP / 11,980 JPY.

The new console will also come with a horizontal stand. If you want to stand your console vertically, you’ll have to pay separately for a vertical stand. This will cost 29.99 USD / 29.99 EUR / 24.99 GBP / 3,980 JPY.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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