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PlayStation 6 alleged release date narrowed down by Xbox leaker

PlayStation 6 alleged release date narrowed down by Xbox leaker

The PlayStation 6's alleged release date has seemingly been narrowed down by an Xbox leaker.

Despite it feeling like only yesterday we were fighting over the PlayStation 5, rumours of the PlayStation 6 are already circling around online with an alleged release date recently getting narrowed by one Xbox leaker.

The arrival of the next PlayStation unit means its Xbox competitor is not far behind and that is definitely the case for Microsoft. Set to launch ahead of the PS6 in order to match the success of the Xbox 360, the next generation Xbox (reportedly called the Xbox ‘Next’) console is rumoured to be launched in 2026. This information comes from leaked legal documents during the Activision-Blizzard court case as well as details from YouTuber RedGamingTech.

Check out the Xbox Series S below!

We recently reported on the PlayStation 6 allegedly releasing sometime during 2028. Additionally, with PlayStation units usually launching around October/November time, it can be estimated we will see Sony’s next-gen console hitting shelves in late 2028. If both the Xbox and PlayStation rumours are true, this means there will be a two-year gap between the competitor’s releases which could affect sales massively.

However, Microsoft is pushing to improve the Xbox’s reception with the company hoping to emulate the success they had with the Xbox 360. This is not surprising as recent reports reveal that the PlayStation 5 outsold the Xbox Series X/S 3-1 in 2023. With Black Friday proving to be a great success for Sony, it left Microsoft in the dust with an impressive 50 million units sold. If sales keep up, the PlayStation 5 is set to overtake its predecessor, the PlayStation 4.

In related news (and as a way to boost sales no doubt), the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are at their lowest price just in time for Christmas. This will be the perfect time to get your hands on the console if you wish to get stuck into some Xbox 2023 releases such as Starfield.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Microsoft

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