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PlayStation 6 rumoured release date surfaces, fans complain it's 'too early'

PlayStation 6 rumoured release date surfaces, fans complain it's 'too early'

PlayStation 6 release date surfaces, fans complain it's 'too early'

I don’t know about you but it seems like only yesterday we were scouring the internet in the hopes we would find the elusive PlayStation 5 in stock. Now three years on, talk has already turned to the PlayStation 6 and when we can expect to see the next Sony console.

Released at the end of 2020, the PlayStation 5 spent the first few months of its lifespan being pretty much impossible to get. With stocks running low and scalpers running wild, the Sony console was like gold dust which does not bode well for the PlayStation 6.

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Despite no confirmation of a release date for the PlayStation 6, a date has recently surfaced online and fans are already agreeing that it is way too soon. Posted to r/GamingLeaksandRumours, one contributor has shared that the PS6 may be released in 2028 or later according to PlayStation LifeStyle. This rumour was courtesy of an article by Insider-Gaming’s Tom Henderson who “understands that the next generation of the PlayStation, the PS6, is unlikely to release until at least 2028.”

Furthermore, this rumour corresponds with a Sony document which claimed the PS6 would be launched sometime after 2027. If all this is true, we can expect to see the PS5 Pro launch in 2024 with the PS6 following some time in 2028. Although this is still a long way away, it is still a short time-frame considering the PlayStation 5 is only three years old.

One Reddit user thinks more time should be spent on the PlayStation 5. “Are people really that excited to jump at a new console gen already in a few years when the PS5 1), already struggles with getting titles, 2) new games are taking longer and longer to release, and 3) the increase in quality of these consoles are getting smaller and smaller?” they wrote. “And sure the PS5 might get some actual games by the time 2026-2027 rolls around but are you really going to want to repeat the process with the PS6 and wait for the last two years of the console's life for it to start receiving actual content?”

As mentioned, Sony is yet to confirm a release date for the PlayStation 6 but let us hope that when it does finally arrive, it will have a much smoother launch than its predecessor.

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