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PlayStation 5 users can bag themselves a massive freebie, no PS Plus required

PlayStation 5 users can bag themselves a massive freebie, no PS Plus required

A big freebie without a PS Plus subscription? Count us in!

I love my children equally, but when the PlayStation offers me a chance to get a massive freebie without having to jump through any hoops, you bet I’m going to sing its praises slightly more than my Xbox.

PlayStation 5 users can get up to six months of free Apple Music via their PS5, without needing to have a PS Plus subscription. Some might say that the latter half of this deal is especially enticing considering how poorly received PS Plus has been in recent months; fans are threatening to cancel their subscriptions it’s gotten that bad. Although November’s games do seem to be quite the bargain, with $289 worth of games added to the service, so those negative sentiments might soon change.

Speaking off music, don't sleep on the Scoot Pilgrim Takes Off official trailer!

Seeing as the jury is still out on whether PS Plus can be saved, Sony has tried another tactic to smooth over its users with its second partnership with Apple – first PS users got an Apple TV+ deal, and now they're being treated to a musical gift instead. And apparently, this freebie is open to returning Apple Music customers as well, provided they’re “eligible”. Unfortunately, the definition of what qualifies as an eligible returning customer isn’t clarified by Sony or Apple unless you read the fine print.

This offer is open to 70 different countries, a stark contrast to the PS advent calendar that’s only available to German gamers for yet another year running. What is more, the offer will run until November 2024, giving you a year to take advantage of this freebie should the mood take you.

All you have to do to unlock free music is to head the Apple Music app via your PS5, download it, then sign in with your Apple ID for the freebie to activate. According to Sony, only one free subscription will be allowed per console, and don’t forget that some returning Apple Music users might not be able to listen to that sweet, sweet music should they not meet this elusive eligibility.

Featured Image Credit: Fox, Sony

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