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PlayStation 5 Pro specs make it sound like an absolute monster

PlayStation 5 Pro specs make it sound like an absolute monster

The PS5 Pro is activating beast mode!

The PlayStation 5 was released in November 2020 and nearly three years later, Sony fans are anticipating the release of its Pro version.

Rumours have been running rampant for months that not only is a PS5 Slim on the way but so too is the PS5 Pro. After all, ever since the original PlayStation was released in Japan in 1994, Sony has launched at least one revised version of that console generation whether it be a smaller design or in the case of the PS4, a more powerful version.

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When is Sony going to release the PlayStation 5 Pro? Well, judging by recent rumours and previous release dates, that time might be very near. The original PS4 was released in 2013 with its Pro counterpart launching three years later in 2016.

Even though we know that a PS5 Pro is inevitable, Sony hasn't officially announced that the console is on the way. That being said, during Microsoft’s recent victory in court against the US market regulator, the FTC, the green brand revealed on Sony’s behalf that it intends to release at least one new console by the end of this year.

Yet, despite Sony not releasing official details, recent leaks suggest that the PlayStation 5 Pro will be an absolute monster. Industry insider Tom Henderson claims that the PS5 Pro reportedly has the codename ‘Trinity’ and will apparently be released in November 2024.

What’s more, it will look to take Ultra High Definition gaming to the next level in glorious 8K and some studios are allegedly getting its hands on development kits. In terms of technical details, the PS5 Pro is said to have 30 WGP (workgroup processor), 18000 mts memory, accelerated ray-tracing and will target consistent frames per second at a 4K resolution. Furthermore, its ‘performance mode’ will target the aforementioned 8K.

In terms of price, previous reports have also claimed that the PlayStation 5 Pro could command a price between £600 to £700 and if these alleged specs are true, we wouldn't be all that surprised by its cost.

Hopefully, if the PlayStation 5 Pro is to release sometime in 2024, Sony will reveal all the official details in the coming months.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Santa Monica Studio/Richard Breslin (screenshot)

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