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PlayStation 5 gamers have till 9 June to check out new free game

PlayStation 5 gamers have till 9 June to check out new free game

The title is only available for two days

Any PlayStation gamers out there looking for a new free game to check out should take note: something new is coming, but you don't have forever to check it out.

Lord knows there are already plenty of free games to check out on PlayStation, especially if you have a subscription to PlayStation Plus, but today's freebie is something a little different.

A new Cristiano Ronaldo-sponsored PS5 football game is currently in open beta on the system, but it's only available for two days, so fans need to jump on it while they can.

UFL was first revealed over two years ago, and has been quietly chugging along in development since then. A closed beta happened last year, but this is the first chance that a wide audience will get to play the game. The open beta in question, however, is only happening between 7th June and 9th June and is only available on PS5, so that's only two days that the game will be available. What this also means is that it's happening over Summer Game Fest weekend, which suggests that perhaps we might see a brief trailer for the game advertising the beta at the event itself, perhaps even tied together with an actual release date for the upcoming sports title.

"UFL is a free-to-play football video game featuring real footballers and a rich metagame. UFL features tons of unique content like various club kits, boots, gloves, balls, and stadiums. In UFL, you create your club from the ground up, assembling a team of real-world footballers customized your liking. Compete with players worldwide, climb the ranks, and win the championship," the official site states. The same post also promises skill-based gameplay, realistic club management, the ability to develop your club over the course of multiple seasons, and custom skins for each of your players.

There's currently no official release date for the game, but it's more than likely going to release at some point next year judging by the fact that a open beta is happening right now. It is, however, also possible that the game releases at some point this year, since often a open beta can happen close to the release of the game.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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