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PlayStation 5 drops free game download, no PS Plus needed

PlayStation 5 drops free game download, no PS Plus needed

No subs needed here

As grand as PlayStation Plus can be, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as being able to claim a free game download without needing the subscription.

This is exactly what all PlayStation users can do right now, claim a free download with no strings attached.

PS Plus has a lot of merits: there’s plenty of horror games to terrify you, if you’re interested in scares, and there’s always an opportunity to get free store credit.

Prepare yourselves for spooks galore in Luto.

But what about those of us who don’t want to pay for these extras? Well, there’s the odd download available for you too.

Right now on the PlayStation Store is ‘The Choice’, the stand-alone demo for upcoming “first-person psychological horror narrative experience” that is Luto.

While you’ll have to pay for the game upon its release – which is scheduled for 2025 – ‘The Choice’ is a horror experience that requires no payment or subscription.

This demo is a brilliant way for fans to scratch that horror itch, while also becoming accustomed to the mechanics of the game. Sure, it’s hugely beneficial for those wanting to play Luto, but you can play ‘The Choice’ without any intention of facing the jump scares of the full game.

‘The Choice’ has been “created to offer horror fans the chance to experience the game’s setting, haunting atmosphere and terrifying narrative gameplay without revealing or spoiling details of the full game story.”

We know some of you like to moan that a demo doesn’t constitute a free game, but even you must admit that that line of reasoning is being heavily challenged by this free download. This is a free game.

Players who’ve already looked the horror of Luto in the eyes and survived have showered the game’s demo with praise; its average rating on the PS Store is 4.53.

Any horror fan worth their salt should check this out, especially because of the added perk of it being absolutely free.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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