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Gamer's PlayStation 5 destroyed after toddler shoves ham into disc drive

Gamer's PlayStation 5 destroyed after toddler shoves ham into disc drive

A moment of silence to remember this brave PS5

I cannot begin to imagine how painful this was to witness. If my cat so much as sneezes near my PlayStation 5 I panic, so to watch a child shove ham into the disc drive would cause my soul to leave my body.

Yet, that was what an aunt was forced to do as she watched her nephew do just that.

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As if that wasn’t bad enough, the PS5 in question had only been opened hours before as it was a Christmas present. Christ, this story just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it? Well, fortunately, not all is lost, as the console still apparently works just fine.

Still, the aunt of this troublesome nephew isn’t content with letting the matter rest, with her demanding that her sister buy a new console for her 10-year-old son to make up for what the nephew did.

"The PlayStation is okay, but I rather my sister buy my son a new one and take this one. My sister said I was being ridiculous and that one is still fine. I told my sister unless she buys it I'm not having them over again,” said the angered mum.

We’re not wanting to pick sides here, but we suspect this could be the start of a long family feud that’s talked about the many Christmases to come. It’ll certainly be talked about by gamers and horrified parents alike, as the comments across social media aren’t shying away from saying what they think about this whole affair.

Wonder what Sony thinks about the maiming of its beloved console…?

But this story isn’t about what we think, it’s about the poor PS5 that’s been abused so early in its life, left to smell of crumpled ham as it soldiers on. Sure, time will pass, but it’ll never forget the damage done to it on that fateful Christmas Day.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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