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PlayStation drops nearly 400 hours worth of free games you can download now

PlayStation drops nearly 400 hours worth of free games you can download now

Cancel all plans, you'll be too busy

There’s no way you’re going to run out of games to play this month – not with almost 400 hours worth of adventures to begin.

That time is upon us again: PlayStation Plus has dropped a new batch of free games. We know you know this – it happens every month, but it’s a cause for celebration, nonetheless.

How amazing does Monster Hunter: Wilds look?

Especially because of how jam-packed June’s selection is.

In case you missed it somehow, there’s 14 free games to sink your teeth into (please not literally; think of your controllers). That’s quite the booty to have access to.

To offer a different viewpoint, this translates into, roughly, nearly 400 hours of gameplay.

Among the games on offer is LEGO Star Wars II, arguably one of the best classic LEGO adventures.

Joining this wonderful title is one of the best open-world experiences we’ve ever played, just in case you need more convincing that this month is the real deal.

Yet this is but the start of a long list of tales to immerse yourselves in; there's also Anno 1800 and Monster Hunter Rise, as well.

With Monster Hunter: Wilds set to be the best instalment of the franchise – so says our very own Sam Cawley – now feels like the perfect time to see if you’ve got what it takes in Monster Hunter Rise.

If you’re still in doubt or unsure where to begin, your fellow gamers are here to help.

Reddit, while not well known for being helpful, does on occasion surprise you; reviews, scores, length of play for each game, etc have been shared on the platform to make deciding what to play super easy.

As if the PlayStation community isn’t already buzzing with energy, a new PS5 update promises to introduce a new feature you’ve all been waiting for.

Now, what are you all still doing here? You should be preparing for your next gaming session. Go, go, go!

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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