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Marvel's Spider-Man 3 teased by creative director

Marvel's Spider-Man 3 teased by creative director

A third Marvel's Spider-Man game has been teased by creative director Bryan Intihar.

Who’s spent all weekend diving into Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? If I could actually see you all now, I’m imagining that I’d see plenty of hands raised in the air.

Insomniac Games really nailed it with this one. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a delight. Fans are obsessed with the game’s traversal, although it does mean that very few of us are using the impressively quick fast travel. If you ask me, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features the best opening hour that you’ll play this year and in our review, GAMINGbible’s Ewan wrote, “This is an amazing fantasy come to life and realised like never before. Insomniac Games has crafted yet another heartfelt Spider-Man story bursting with twists, turns, and show-stopping spectacle.”

Take a look at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in action below.

If you’ve already rolled credits on the game, worry not. According to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s creative director, it sounds as if a third mainline entry is on the way. This is no great surprise really if you have completed the game. This article shall remain spoiler free, but it’s no real surprise that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s ending and post-credits scenes set up our next batch of allies and villains - as we’ve seen in all Spidey instalments to date.

Creative director Bryan Intihar is excited about what’s been teased. While appearing on the Friends Per Second podcast (via GameSpot), Intihar described the potential scale of a third mainline entry as “pretty epic”. He said, “If Spider-Man 1 and Miles Morales were like our Iron Man, and Spider-Man 2 was like a Civil War, where logically do we go from there? I think it would be pretty epic. But, you know, we'll see.”

The ending of the game left me itching for the next instalment. If you feel the same, we’ve got a full ending and post-credits scenes explainer, diving into all potential sequels, DLCs, and spin-offs teased. On the topic of spin-offs, it sounds like a Venom game may be on the way. I say bring it on.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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