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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ending and post-credits scenes explained

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ending and post-credits scenes explained

When life gives you lemons

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is finally out, and it's an unmissable superhero adventure. As you'd expect, it's absolutely full of Easter eggs and, more crucially, teasers for a potential Marvel's Spider-Man 3. The game's ending in particular promises some very interesting challenges to come for Spider-Man, so let's break down what we know!

I have to warn you now that this article obviously contains nothing but spoilers for the ending of Marvel's Spider-Man 2. If you haven't finished the story yet, maybe just bookmark this page and come back later. For now, maybe go and read my 9/10 review of the game instead. Okay? Spoilers to follow below the video.

How does Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 end?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 /

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ends on a slightly more hopeful note than the first game, although things haven’t exactly gone to plan for our heroes. Peter, Miles, and MJ were able to put a stop to Venom’s plan to “heal the world” by turning everyone into gooey monsters, and even freed Harry from the symbiote’s grasp without killing him.

Unfortunately the trauma of being bonded to the symbiote for so long leaves Harry in a coma he may never wake up from. His dear old dad, Norman Osborn, blames the Spider-Men for this, naturally, and we see him flying into a rage by his son’s sickbed as Peter and MJ quietly leave him to his grief. Osborn makes a call and angrily demands the “G-serum” be prepared. Gee, I wonder where this could be going?

In the final scene before the credits we see Peter and MJ happily moving in together and serving up breakfast for Miles and his family. Peter takes MJ into the garage and shows her what he’s been working on: a small-scale version of the Emily May foundation, and a fresh - if smaller-scale - attempt to continue what he and Harry started.

Peter gets an alert on his Spidey app, which he decides to ignore. Miles shows up in costume (with his mask off in the middle of the street in broad daylight, which is a… choice) and asks if Pete is joining him. After some awkward mumbling, Miles realises that Peter is trying to tell him something: he’s stepping back from being Spider-Man, and is confident that Miles can handle looking after the city alone. Miles swings off to save the day as the city’s one and only Spidey, while Peter and MJ head inside to enjoy wheatcakes and something resembling a normal life.

Does Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 feature a post-credits scene?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 /

As it turns out, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features not only one, but two post-credits scenes that tease a third - and possibly final - adventure for Insomniac’s webheads.

The first sets up the two major villains for the next Spider-Man game: Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. While Peter’s old mentor is noticeably absent for the majority of the story, he makes a brief appearance at the very end of the game. Post-credits scene number one sees Osborn visiting Octavius in his prison cell, with a grief-stricken Osborn demanding Octavius reveal to him the identity of the Spider-Men.

Given Octavius despises Osborn he’s not exactly in a rush to share this privileged information. However, lest we believe dear old Otto has changed and is actively protecting Peter and Miles, it’s clear something more sinister is going on. Osborn gestures to the journal Octavios is scribbling in and asks what he’s writing. With a wicked grin, our villain responds: “the final chapter”.

The second post-credits scene checks back in with Miles and his mum, who are about to have dinner with Rio’s mystery man. There’s a knock at the door, and it turns out Rio is dating none other than Albert Moon, who introduces Miles to his own kid: Cindy.

As I’m sure you know, Cindy Moon in the comics is none other than the spider-powered superhero Silk, and it seems pretty likely we’ll see her don the mask and webs in the next game.

In the comics it turns out Cindy was bitten by the same spider as Peter, and the two have an incredibly strange bond… by which I mean they have the uncontrollable urge to get to know one another in an intimate way. Now, given the Cindy we meet at the end of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is clearly around the same age as Miles, if not slightly younger, I think we can rule out her having been bitten by the same spider as Peter. We can also, I pray, leave the weird spider-attraction nonsense to one side, for obvious reasons.

Who are Marvel’s Spider-Man 3’s main villains?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 /

I think it was always clear Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 would see the Green Goblin finally make his debut, but how will Doctor Octopus factor into the story? Will he work with Osborn or against him as the two villains attempt to destroy Peter’s life? Will we finally see a version of Superior Spider-Man? We just don’t know right now, but one thing that’s obvious: Pete won’t be retired for long.

It’s also worth quickly noting there’s a Spider-Man comic storyline called ‘The Final Chapter’, though I can’t imagine for a second this is anything more than a coincidence, as this particular story - in which Norman Osborn does a magic ritual to become more powerful - is a load of old shite.

While Doc Ock and Green Goblin would be more than enough for Peter and Miles to deal with, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 also sets up Carnage. At the very end of The Flame side mission, Peter and Watanabe (now The Wraith), track down the mysterious cult leader who turns out to be none other than Cletus Kassady, as if the red hair and general demeanour weren’t a dead giveaway from the start. Oh, and he makes off with a piece of symbiote after hijacking an Oscorp freight train, promising there will be “carnage”.

I can’t imagine Carnage, Doc Ock, and Green Goblin will all be vying for our attention in Marvel’s Spider-Man 3. If I had to guess, the symbiote will factor into some kind of expansion for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, leaving the third game to focus on Peter’s final showdown with Ock and the Goblin. Then again, Carnage being in play for a third game could even sow the seeds for the Red Goblin, which I have no doubt would be utterly terrifying.

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