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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is a GOTY contender, fans agree

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is a GOTY contender, fans agree

Could Spidey steal the show and win GOTY?

As the end of the year draws ever closer, all eyes are on the potential games that will take the Game of The Year title. It goes without saying that 2023 has been ridiculously solid with its games – it’s been jam-packed full of exceptional titles, and there are still releases yet to come. The heat really is on in a way that we’ve never experienced. It was a tight race before Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 entered the ring, but now that’s out in the wild, people believe it’ll swing the votes.

Terrible puns aside, the game really is a strong contender despite it being freshly launched. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has already received acclaim for having “one of the best opening hours you’ll ever play”, with its fast-paced action throwing you into the thick of it from the moment the game begins. However, while the opening hour is a widely praised experience, some fans are angered by its “bad” graphics; personally, I’ve not experienced this, but when it comes to the battle of graphics, the war rages whether you partake or not.

Look at Spider-Man go in the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 trailer!

Despite fans being divided over its potential, everyone agrees that Spidey is in the running for GOTY. Though it won’t be an easy race to win – Tears of the Kingdom, Baldur’s Gate III, and Final Fantasy XVI are all vying for that illustrious top spot, with impassioned fanboys and girls rallying behind their favourites so zealously it borders on terrifying. With such a diverse mix of fantastic games, can the Spidey sequel overcome the scariest villain of all: fandoms?

“I'd honestly pick Spider-Man over Zelda,” said one Redditor, while another said “Zelda can have a seat”, clearly referring to the painful truth that, while TOTK is awe-inspiring, it's too similar to BOTW to win GOTY. Before you go thinking the friendly neighbourhood Spidey has this in the bag, let me remind you that BG3 is so good it made GAMINGbible’s Ewan Moore “kind of want to throw up just thinking about it”. That’s high praise indeed.

While other fans might not be holding back their digested meals, they are in agreement that the horny drama of the epic RPG is the game that could dash other titles’ dreams. Redditor redrumojo said, “BG3 is the first game I can remember where even people who didn't enjoy it, or played it even for that matter, still unanimously agree it's GOTY.”

But wait, what’s that in the distance? Do I spy an unexpected contender making a play for GOTY? Why yes I do, and, shockingly, it’s a game that’s getting roasted for being “appalling” – that’s right, it’s Skull Island: Rise of Kong. “Nahh man, it’s Gollum or King Kong” was the top comment on the Reddit GOTY debate, and while it’s likely a bit, it’s one that I’m thoroughly enjoying.

The countdown is on. A champion will be crowned, and, as of right now, there’s such a fine array of titles that we’re spoilt for choice.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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