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LEGO Horizon Adventures sets the stage for other PlayStation spin-offs... like LEGO Bloodborne…

LEGO Horizon Adventures sets the stage for other PlayStation spin-offs... like LEGO Bloodborne…

LEGO Bloodborne needs to happen

LEGO Horizons Adventures is the first LEGO game to adapt an already existing video game series, and could be a huge turning point for the game industry.

As one of PlayStation’s most successful IPs, it only made sense for it to greenlight another title in the series, though I don’t think any of us would have expected a LEGO game would be on the cards.

Check out the trailer for LEGO Horizon Adventures below

During my hands-on session with the game at Summer Game Fest I was blown away by its quality, and I’d already consider it my definitive version of the Horizon Zero Dawn’s story purely from how non-serious it was.

However while I was playing I had another thought in the back of my mind, if LEGO Horizon Adventures performs well, it could open the door to a variety of other PlayStation spin-offs, including, hear me out, LEGO Bloodborne Adventures

I can already tell there are fans reeling at the thought of FromSoftware’s best game being torn apart and put back together in a LEGO format, but stay with me.

Bloodborne’s story is already immensely convoluted, hard to follow, and even quite silly at times. Retelling that story with a bit of LEGO humour would hilarious, and I can already imagine our hunter’s frightened and confused face as he watches Father Gascoigne shatter a beast into pieces before setting his sights on us.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Speaking of the hunter, you could keep the character creator and simply change it to a LEGO version, with some classic outfits from the game recreated in brick-style, in addition to some more goofy options like LEGO Horizon Adventures has done.

Combat could stay largely the same, though of course it’ll be a little easier. Dodging, parrying, hacking and slashing can all stay, and throw in the occasionally power-up too for good measure. The lamps that act as checkpoints could stay, but maybe serve more of a purpose for fast travel rather than a respawn point, though if there were more lamps, including ones directly outside boss encounters, I think you could still keep that FromSoftware soulsborne element.

Level-ups would also have to be changed, perhaps switching out stat points for more concrete upgrades like elemental damage, more heart points, special moves or others.

LEGO Horizon Adventures-
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Either the Hunters Dream or Cathedral Ward can be the main hub area where you’ll spend your studs, accept side quests, or maybe engage in some PvP with players online or on your couch.

All in all I think turning a dark, eldtritch-horror story like Bloodborne into a light-hearted LEGO adventure game would be one of the funniest things PlayStation has ever done, and while we’re all still waiting for that PS5 port, I don’t think many would grumble at a goofy spin-off game.

LEGO Horizon Adventures has opened the door to a whole new world of LEGO games, and there are so many franchises that could be adapted into that format, from Sonic The Hedgehog, Halo, Uncharted, and many, many more.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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