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LA Noire-style detective game headed to PlayStation 5

LA Noire-style detective game headed to PlayStation 5

LA Noire-style detective game Shadows of Doubt is headed to PlayStation 5 consoles.

Fans of L.A. Noire are going to want to keep an eye on the upcoming Shadows of Doubt which should scratch that sleuthing itch.

When you think of Rockstar Games, it’s likely the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption franchises come to mind, perhaps even Bully.

But we shouldn’t forget that back in 2011, Rockstar published the excellent L.A. Noire - developed by the now-defunct Team Bondi.

Set in 1947, the game centred around rising detective Cole Phelps amidst his investigation of a morphine distribution ring.

Unfortunately, no sequel to L.A. Noire has ever come to light, but I’m fairly confident that the upcoming Shadows of Doubt will be of interest to those of you craving such a thing.

Shadows of Doubt first released on PC last year to rave reviews from players, and it looks as if it’ll soon be making the jump over to PlayStation 5.

Take a look at Shadows of Doubt in action.

Developed by ColePowered Games and published by Fireshine Games, Shadows of Doubt is classed as a sandbox detective stealth game.

Set in a sci-fi noir city of crime, the game sees you assume the role of a private intelligence investigator.

“Play your own way in a fully simulated world with hundreds of citizens. Discover, meet and tail individual citizens, each with their own name, job, apartment and daily routine, in unique, procedurally-generated cities. Each case has different culprits, clues and experiences for you to test your investigative skills,” teases the synopsis.

Shadows of Doubt currently holds a ‘Very Positive’ review score of 92% on Steam with players praising the game’s replayability and high level of immersion.

While an official PlayStation port is yet to be announced, it seems all but confirmed after a listing for Shadows of Doubt surfaced on the PlayStation Store.

The listing is still live but no release date is included on the page. Instead, it simply says ‘announced’.

It’s worth adding that Shadows of Doubt remains in early access on Steam so it’s likely that the PlayStation release will be timed with the full launch over on PC.

It’s well worth keeping an eye on Shadows of Doubt’s social media pages as if the PlayStation Store listing is anything to go by, an announcement isn’t too far away.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, Fireshine Games

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