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Hogwarts Legacy fans need to check out this free PlayStation Plus game

Hogwarts Legacy fans need to check out this free PlayStation Plus game

Magic is in the air, you just need to know where to look

Wizards, witches, and whoever else feels the allure of magic – there’s a game available on PlayStation Plus that you’ll want to try.

This is definitely one of those adventures that’ll scratch that itch Hogwarts Legacy has left behind.

Or perhaps you just want to not feel underwhelmed like so many within the fandom do while waiting for the free summer update that promises little for their loyalty.

And as if that wasn’t damning enough for the future of this franchise, fans are revealing they have zero excitement for a sequel since a recent Warner Bros announcement.

It’s all going wrong for Hogwarts Legacy.

Check out Magicka 2 below

Thank goodness, then, that there’s Magicka 2 on PlayStation Plus to save the day.

Holding a “very positive” rating on Steam, this “irreverent co-op action adventure” is just what the doctor ordered... assuming your doctor prescribes video games instead of medication.

“This game is a power trip for wizard wannabes,” begins one review. “Do you always pick the mage class in RPGs? This is the game where you actually feel like you have the full power of the elements in your hands.”

All that power and, seemingly, no responsibilities – we’re in.

Typically, the game costs £11.99. However, for those with PlayStation Plus Extra (please note the “Extra”), you can get it for free.

Should this not interest you, the first free game for May has been revealed and it's a total stunner.

Given how much gamers normally dunk on PS Plus, the fact that it’s getting praise for its games shows that the service is improving, albeit it very slowly.

Whether you want the world to bow before your magic, or you simply want to mess things up with friends, Magicka 2 is the ideal free PS Plus game to do that.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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