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GTA 6 PlayStation 5 framerate leaks, is better than we expected

GTA 6 PlayStation 5 framerate leaks, is better than we expected

Sony's rumoured PlayStation 5 Pro is supposedly set to massively boost Grand Theft Auto 6's framerate.

You’ve likely heard by now that Sony is supposedly gearing up to release the PlayStation 5 Pro, a console which is intended to be a must-buy for players of Grand Theft Auto VI.

As we’re all aware, GTA VI is set to be a cross-platform release, launching on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Based on its first trailer, it looks to be an incredibly demanding game, so we’re going to want our hardware to comfortably support it. The rumoured upcoming PS5 Pro is believed to be a part of Sony’s plan to make PlayStation the destination where GTA VI feels most at home. Boasting eight-core Zen 2 CPUs which clock in at 4GHz, an RDNA 3 GPU at 2.8 GHZ as well as 16GB of 18,000 MT/s GDDR6 memory with a bandwidth of 587 GB/s, the PS5 Pro is reportedly due to be a powerhouse of a console.

ICYMI: Relive the magic of GTA VI’s trailer below.

The PS5 Pro rumours are gathering traction, with the latest insight claiming that its internal AI upscaling could compete with NVIDIA’s DLSS software. As reported by TweakTown, so-called insider Moore’s Law is Dead spoke to NXGamer’s Michael about the upcoming console, with Michael claiming that the AI upscaling will be able to target 1440p at 120fps and 4k at 60fps.

This would be a major upgrade if true compared to the base PS5 console. The PS5 can hit a maximum of 4k at 60fps, but it’s not something it’s able to achieve for all games. If this is the lower-end of what’s expected from the PS5 Pro, then you can see just how powerful this rumoured console is. Moore’s Law Is Dead then brought up Grand Theft Auto VI claiming that we should expect to see the game run at 40fps. While this isn’t the 60fps some might have hoped for, it’s perhaps better than we imagined.

Just take a look at a game like Starfield. While it may boast an enormous galaxy, the concession was that it had to run at 30fps to maintain stability. It’s nice to see that GTA VI has been able to optimise to set its sights slightly higher. It gets better though. The insiders believe that via the PS5 Pro’s AI upscaling, we could see this framerate increase further.

You’d expect the AI to be capable of upscaling the release to 60fps, although this is mere speculation until confirmed. As for whether GTA VI can target 120fps? It’s a glorious thought, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, Sony

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