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GTA 6 release date narrowed down in PlayStation 5 Pro leak

GTA 6 release date narrowed down in PlayStation 5 Pro leak

Could the PS5 Pro give us more solid clues about GTA 6's launch?

Could the launch date of GTA VI really have been narrowed down? It seems unlikely, yet fans are convinced that the recent PlayStation 5 Pro leak has revealed a crucial timeframe clue.

Not a day goes by now where fans aren’t convinced that they’ve discovered another veiled clue or image that reveals what the new GTA game will include. We’ve even partaken in this activity ourselves. However, it can end up driving you around the bend as you try to separate fact from wishful fiction.

Still, while there’s plenty of information easily dismissed, one that needs closer inspection is the recent PS5 Pro leak. It’s already been teased that the new Sony console will be the most powerful we’ve ever seen, but now we’re learning it should launch in time for GTA VI.

Watch the GTA VI trailer if you're not hyped enough and want to look for more clues

Rockstar Games’ fans have already been warned that they’ll need to upgrade their PS5 to experience GTA VI for the best experience because of how ambiguous in size, scope, and software the upcoming title is. As such, it makes sense that Sony will launch its PS5 Pro in time for GTA VI’s release.

If that doesn’t convince you, a reliable source has said that a select group of studios already have the specs for the PS5 Pro, further indicating that the console is very much on the horizon and gearing up for launch.

We don’t want to pull out our corkboard of red string, but everything makes sense from what we can see and what we already know. What we’re less certain about, unlike some gamers, is what score GTA VI will receive upon release; many believe it will score 100 on Metacritic. Yet, that’s a feat rarely achieved, and therefore feels like overzealous optimism.

It would be wonderful if we are able to treat ourselves to a shiny, new console and then to what promises to be the greatest video game of all time. But until official dates are released, we suggest you remain cautiously optimistic.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, Sony

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