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Death Stranding 2 title seemingly leaks online ahead of full reveal

Death Stranding 2 title seemingly leaks online ahead of full reveal

One insider has shared the supposed final title of Death Stranding 2.

Well, this certainly won’t please Mr. Kojima. The title of the upcoming sequel to Death Stranding 2 has seemingly leaked online, with a rumoured full reveal due to land imminently.

It’s been quite a while since Death Stranding 2 was first unveiled - which, I should add, has always been a ‘working title’ used by PlayStation. Hideo Kojima lifted the lid on the project at The Game Awards back in 2022. I wish I could tell you what happened in that trailer but this is the world of Death Stranding that we’re talking about. I can quite happily admit that I, to this day, haven’t got the foggiest about the events that transpired. Visually though, the sequel looks to be shaping up to be just as impressive as its predecessor.

Take a look at the trailer in question below.

What I can tell you is that Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux, and Troy Baker are all confirmed to return, while Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna will be joining the cast. It’s long been expected that the game will launch this year, with an announcement due soon. Let's face it, Sony’s upcoming first-party release slate is thin on the ground at the moment. We’re in dire need of a State of Play - and it looks like we might be getting one.

Following on from insider Jeff Grubb claiming that a State of Play is in the works, Dealabs’ billbil-kun has taken to the site to both corroborate this and to reveal Death Stranding 2’s supposed final title in a new report. The user claims that they have information confirming the title to be Death Stranding 2 - On The Beach. I’m not going to lie, it’s a weird title that didn’t gel with me when I first read it but hey, stranger things have certainly happened in this franchise.

Obviously, as a leak, this title must be taken with a pinch of salt until confirmed by Kojima Productions or Sony. Dealabs went on to add that they expect confirmation of the title to be made public “within the next 15 days” perhaps via a State of Play. They point out that back in September, Kojima’s assistant published a photograph of the director working on a file titled ‘State_Of_Play_XXXX_trailer_DS2.” We’ve had our first Xbox Developer_Direct of 2024. It only makes sense that Sony follows with its own event.

If On The Beach is the true subtitle, then I hope Norman Reedus’ Sam is ready to get some sand in his shoes. I imagine that beachside deliveries are a bit of a slog.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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