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The Elder Scrolls meets Bloodborne in upcoming cosmic horror

The Elder Scrolls meets Bloodborne in upcoming cosmic horror

Inspired by Morrowind, Dread Delusion is an RPG that's certain to appeal to The Elder Scrolls and Bloodborne fans.

If you still look fondly upon The Elder Scrolls’ Morrowind era with a nostalgic twinkle in your eye, and you just so happen to enjoy the horrors of Bloodborne, I can assure you that you’re going to want to take note of Dread Delusion.

As reported by PCGamesN, Dread Delusion was actually inspired by Morrowind, taking heavy inspiration from this Bethesda classic but with a grisly Bloodborne twist. Developed by Lovely Hellplace and published by DreadXP, Dread Delusion first launched back in 2022. This open-world first-person RPG is “brimming with strange places and dark perils”. You’ll need to “carve your own path through the flying continents of a shattered land”, discovering curious towns, uncovering occult secrets, and mastering powerful magic along the way.

Relive the magic of Bloodborne below.

While I mentioned that Dread Delusion launched back in 2022, that was its early access phase and the game remains in early access to this day. That does mean that it’s relatively cheap for you to jump in, potentially setting you back just £15.49 on Steam. It’s also well worth pointing out that Dread Delusion has already proven to be a hit with fans.

It has a ‘Very Positive’ user review rating of 93%. “If you are into old school RPG/adventure games and don't require modern visuals, this game might be for you,” wrote one user, while another added, “Best indie game I've played, heavily focused on exploration.” Now is actually a very good time to pick up Dread Delusion as it’s just launched its The Clockwork Kingdom update, dubbed to be its biggest yet.

Introducing a new locale known as Ferropolis, the expansion will see you investigate the city which is “lorded over by a Clockwork King”. With new quests and foes, it should keep you busy for quite some time - and it’s out right now. The update is free if you own Dread Delusion, and I’ve covered purchase details already for those of you who don’t.

Featured Image Credit: DreadXP

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