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The Elder Scrolls: Brigands of Skyrim is a great expansion, adding new enemies and dungeons

The Elder Scrolls: Brigands of Skyrim is a great expansion, adding new enemies and dungeons

More dungeons means more battles, which means more Skyrim

We love an expansion to go exploring in, especially when it’s for one of our favourite games. Although Skyrim has a lot to offer without additional extras, for seasoned gamers who’ve played through the game countless times already, the base game can get stale without something to spice it up.

You can get a breath of fresh air back into Bethesda’s classic game by savouring the delights of the graphics overhaul that makes the game look like The Elder Scrolls VI, but sometimes more than a facelift is needed.

This is where The Elder Scrolls: Brigands of Skyrim comes into play, making its grand entrance by delivering new dungeons to fight your way through and relentless enemies to battle in a fight for survival. But who are the Brigands of Skyrim?

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“Brigands are sell swords from northern Hammerfell and southern High Rock. They wear hauberks, chainmail, scaled and quilted armours, and have fierce german shepherds as pets,” the mod description reads. “After getting involved in several political disputes, [...] [they] were expelled from their homeland. With their brettic ships they reached Skyrim's coast, where they built smaller vessels to sail through the province's rivers and now they can be found in most holds.”

There’s more lore than that to get into, but we don’t want to ruin the experience for you, especially because there are several ships and hideouts to search for clues of the Brigands' past. The modder behind the expansion refers to Brigands of Skyrim as a “dungeon pack”, designed for those who still have a thirst for delving into the mysteries of locations previously left undisturbed.

Should you crave even more The Elder Scrolls newness after completing Brigands of Skyrim, there are 132 new monsters to cross paths with in a free fan expansion, as well as 35 new areas to roam while you continue to hone your skills as a warrior.

Head to NexusMods if you want to see a new chapter of Skyrim’s lore through the eyes of the Brigands of Skyrim.

Featured Image Credit: Leodoidao via NexusMods, Bethesda Softworks

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