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Skyrim gets stunning next-gen graphics overhaul, looks like Elder Scrolls 6

Skyrim gets stunning next-gen graphics overhaul, looks like Elder Scrolls 6

Skyrim gets a gorgeous overhaul

Seeing old faithful games getting a visual overhaul is always satisfying. Modders, creators and designers who painstakingly bring ‘next-gen’ visuals to older titles are doing the Lord’s work.

Seeing Skyrim completely overhauled to the point where it looks like a brand-new game or even a tease for Elder Scrolls 6, is quite something to behold. That’s exactly what Digital Dreams has done with their RTX showcase bringing gorgeous lighting and textures to the aging RPG.

There are plenty of mods to give your Skyrim playthrough a graphics overhaul

Playing in 4K, it’s easy to see why so many creators are upgrading these older games. It’s a great way to show off not only skill but also what technology can do when recreating something so familiar. The swamps of Skyrim, running through this mod on a 4090, are utterly gorgeous. The rippling waters have a glossy mirror effect that plays well with reflections and light sources; the God rays beaming through the trees make the area feel inviting; all while the foliage looks lifelike.

When the view is pulled out to third-person and we get to see our Dragonborn, the detail just sweeps you off your feet. The shine and patina on the armour, the sleek details on the sword, it’s just sublime. Of course, this is what we hope Elder Scrolls 6 will look like and we can keep watching this video over and over until we have some new details to drool over.

There’s something so delightful about seeing these kinds of videos and how technology can transform an already immersive game into something so much more, and the YouTube commenters are in love. “Game looking better than 2023 games,” says one, while another comment reads, “LOOKS ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!”

Let’s hope creators keep putting out transformations like this as it may keep developers on their toes, or urge them into giving us their own ‘next-gen’ overhauls.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, Digital Dreams

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