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Skyrim: Vigilant is a stunning Elden Ring-inspired gameplay expansion

Skyrim: Vigilant is a stunning Elden Ring-inspired gameplay expansion

The Vigilant mod adds some epic boss battles to Skyrim that should satisfy fans of Elden Ring.

I’ve said it before and you best bet that I’ll say it again, the Skyrim modding community is unmatched.

The Elder Scrolls VI is still several years away so it goes without saying that many of us will find ourselves drifting back towards Skyrim. There’s is Starfield to enjoy too, which just so happens to be dropping its biggest ever update very soon, but it’s nigh impossible not to feel the draw back to the world of The Elder Scrolls. In case you missed it, Bethesda has just announced The Elder Scrolls: Castles, a brand new game from the Fallout Shelter team that looks utterly delightful. If it’s Skyrim that you feel calling your name though, and you just so happen to be playing on PC, you’re going to want to check out this mod.

ICYMI: Enjoy The Elder Scrolls VI’s reveal trailer below.

The ‘Vigilant’ mod has been created by NexusMods user Vicn. It’s been around for a while now so it may be one that you’re already familiar with. If you’re not know, allow me to fill you in. After all, there’s a reason that this mod has been downloaded almost 600,000 times. Vigilant is packed with new locations, quests, characters, music, armour, weapons, and the Karma gameplay mechanic, so there’s plenty to keep you busy.

In the mod, you’ll join the Vigilants of Stendarr but it’s somewhat difficult for me to delve into the plot beyond that. Vigilant features a variety of endings, with many choices made based on your own personal interpretation of memories and flashbacks so it feels a tad different to everyone. In the first episode, you’ll be tasked with chasing down a Summoner of Molag Bal and the adventure kicks off from there. There are a variety of boss fights that should satisfy Elden Ring fans.

Creator Vicn is constantly updating the mod, with the latest update dropped just a couple of months ago - and it’s totally free to download on NexusMods. If you feel that you’ve seen and done all that there is to do in Skyrim, I strongly urge you to give this mod a go.

Featured Image Credit: Vicn via NexusMods

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