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Skyrim getting tons of previously cut content in new fan expansion

Skyrim getting tons of previously cut content in new fan expansion

Expand Tamriel with this incredible mod project

In theory, with each passing day, we inch ever closer to the launch of The Elder Scrolls VI.

It certainly doesn’t feel like it though. It feels as if we’re in no man’s land.

Bethesda is hard at work developing The Elder Scrolls VI. In fact, it’s rumoured that there’s now a playable internal build although I’m guessing this is still quite primitive.

Of course though, many of the studio’s devs will also be helping support Starfield.

The game’s first story expansion, Shattered Space, is set to land later this year - and another is planned for 2025.

Further content updates are always on the way, with land vehicles confirmed as an upcoming feature to be added to the game.

If Starfield isn’t quite scratching the itch though as we wait for The Elder Scrolls VI, you may want to dive back into Skyrim as one fan is restoring the game’s cut content.

ICYMI: Take a look at the trailer for Shattered Space below.

As reported by DSOGaming, this project is the work of NexusMods user Unorthodox378.

With that in mind, you will need to be playing Skyrim on PC if you want to mod your game to restore this content.

There are nine mods in total, each restoring the content of a specific region.

They are as follows: ‘Whiterun Re-Cut’, ‘Solitude Re-Cut’, ‘Morthal Re-Cut’, ‘Dawnstar Re-Cut’, ‘Markarth Re-Cut’, ‘Riften Re-Cut’, ‘Winterhold Re-Cut’, ‘Falkreath Re-Cut’, and ‘Granite Hill Lore Friendly Village’.

That’s not the end of the project either as Unorthodox378 plans to restore the content of 13 regions in total.

What I will say is that you shouldn’t expect to find any new quests here.

Instead, each mod focuses on restoring cut locations and NPCs, so they should make the world feel much more vibrant and dynamic.

It’s recommended that those who do download the mod project do so as part of a new game although you can install them mid-game.

A few assets may struggle to load in though if you do the latter option, depending on how far through the game you are.

Featured Image Credit: Unorthodox378 via NexusMods

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