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Skyrim's best quest line has a sequel you can download and play free

Skyrim's best quest line has a sequel you can download and play free

This is a sequel you'll want to play, trust us

Skyrim fans who want to see what comes after the Dark Brotherhood quest need wonder no more, for there’s a sequel you can play through right now that adds further depth.

There are some Skyrim fans who don’t believe the Dark Brotherhood questline to be the best, but those fans are wrong. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

Dubbed as a “favourite” amongst players, it’s unsurprising that Bethesda’s community has come together to add more lore to this already infamous series of events.

If you want the “pure perfection” of that quest to continue, you need to try ‘The Brotherhood of Old – Dark Brotherhood Continuedmod.

Check out The Brotherhood of Old below

“Betrayed by your own sister, the fate of the Dark Brotherhood rests upon the edge of a knife,” reads the synopsis.

“You begin to rebuild the Brotherhood, adding in many assassins from all walks of life. Locked away within one of these acolytes, flows the blood of a Legendary Speaker from days passed. The secrets within their blood will change the Brotherhood forever.”

“Phenomenal work might I say!” declared one satisfied customer; we picture them wearing a monocle as they typed this comment.

This “great mod” has garnered much interest from The Elder Scrolls fandom, “quirks and all”. Due to said quirks, it’s important you read all of the information provided by the creator of this experience, TomTesoro.

For those who prefer specific details, there's up to 12 hours of gameplay, 24 new quests, and even a new player home. Here’s the full list of features:

  • Roughly 8 to 12 hours of gameplay depending on your play style
  • 24 quests, which includes 16 main story quests, and 8 optional side quests
  • New items including new books, weapons, clothing, and armour
  • Fully voiced, featuring 26 semi-professional and professional voice actors
  • Two new Dark Brotherhood Sanctuaries and a safehouse
  • A new player home
  • New followers and potential wife

That’s a lot of bang for a mod that doesn’t ask for a buck in return. Head to NexusMods to learn more, or, if you’re ready, to see how the great Dark Brotherhood’s story ends.

Featured Image Credit: TomTesoro - NexusMods

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