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RuneScape OG just matched its previous 2007 peak, we're so back

RuneScape OG just matched its previous 2007 peak, we're so back

The golden age is returning, finally

The original RuneScape walked so that other MMORPGs could run. Without it, it’s unlikely we’d have some of the incredible video gaming experiences we have today; we owe it all to RuneScape. What a fine way to honour that legacy then, than to see Old School RuneScape match the player numbers it experienced during its 2007 peak.

RuneScape OG is back, and it’s as great as ever.

Wanna see what Old School RuneScape is about? Check it out on your mobile!

During the weekend of 18 and 19 November, the PC game witnessed an influx of over 200K players, much to the joy of long-serving fans who’ve waited to see its glorious return. To see it hit such numbers has generated a lot of traction across gaming communities, and we’re here for the reactions, memories, and hype that gamers are sharing.

Newcomers who’ve yet to play have been asking if now is the time to test the waters of RuneScape, with all fans saying an unanimous yes. “I LOVE OSRS [Old School RuneScape], it's my favourite game of all time and I have never found a game that can capture the elements that OSRS has to offer,” said one player.

Oldschool RuneScape had a new peak of 200k players online this weekend, matching the original version's number during it's peak in 2007

Another added, “It really should have a lot more players. Started playing this and [am] loving it. Using the 117HD plugin helps with the outdated graphics by a lot.” We’d also love RS to see even more players flock to its servers to embrace the old ways, with that possibility now in reach thanks to the word getting out that OSRS isn’t to be missed. After all, it’s high praise indeed to be referred to as “one of the best MMOs on the market at the moment”.

Just remember, if you decide to play the game, don’t be a fool like one RS player who lost 1 trillion in-game gold. Nobody wants to be greeted by a message that they’ve been banned and lost all the wealth they’ve accumulated over the course of their playthroughs.

Featured Image Credit: Jagex

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