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RuneScape player with over 1 trillion gold loses account forever

RuneScape player with over 1 trillion gold loses account forever

Eat the rich

An Old School Runescape player and streamer, BTCs, had become the richest player on the game, amassing over 1 trillion gold. Though he now opens the game to see he has been banned due to allegations of real-world trading.

Real-world trading is, essentially, the act of selling something in-game for in-game for real world currency. Technically, nothing in-game has real world value, or at least, it shouldn't. Of course, this is an MMO and like others such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, in-game items and currency are often sold via gold-selling markets online.

You can play Old School Runescape on PC, or mobile

Over 1 trillion in-game gold would be worth roughly $160,000 according to PCGamer. While BTCs denies allegations, Jagex, the game's creators and owners, have said the ban would not be overturned. The streamer took to his channel to plead his innocence by stating that his journey to the 1 trillion mark was "heavily monitored" by a moderating team and he insists he "clearly wasn't selling any gold on the way to one trill."

BTCs acquired the 1 trillion gold before suspicious activity was monitored, leaving the player confused, "Clearly I wasn't getting banned all the way up there (1 trillion), meaning I didn't sell any gold. But now I'm selling at one trill?"

BTCs had received a ban earlier in the year which he successfully had overturned, but this time he's out of luck. Old School Runescape lead community manager, Ayiza, has since told him that evidence in the matter "has been thoroughly review[ed] by our anti-cheating team to be correct and the ban won't be overturned."

The streamer believes the ban may have come after he ran a gold-giveaway for his community - something he has done before. At least three other accounts were banned in this wave for allegedly storing some of BTCs' gold balance.

It's been suggested that BTCs has previously rigged his gold-giveaways in the past in order to pocket real world currency for the gold winnings, though this is all speculated and alleged.

Featured Image Credit: Jagex

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