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Resident Evil 5 just got a surprise remaster you can check out now

Resident Evil 5 just got a surprise remaster you can check out now

Resident Evil 5 looks gorgeous

If you’re a fan of the all-out action entry in Capcom’s Resident Evil series, namely Resident Evil 5, then you might want to check out these mods which perhaps give us a taste of how good an upcoming remake might look.

There has been a lot of talk lately as to what entry in Capcom’s iconic Resident Evil survival horror series will be remade next following the success of the most recent makeover for Resident Evil 4. Skipping the spin-off Resident Evil: Revelations, at least chronologically, Resident Evil 5 could be the next in line for a full remake.

Check out the Resident Evil 5 trailer below!

That being said, before we are treated to the inevitable RE5 remake, fans will be hoping that there is truth behind the rumours that Resident Evil Code: Veronica could be the next, an entry considered by some fans to be the last old-school release in the series. Whether we get the remake starring Claire and Chris Redfield next remains to be seen.

Speaking of Chris Redfield, alongside Sheva Alomar, he was the star of 2009's Resident Evil 5 which also received an underwhelming remaster in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That being said, despite Resident Evil 5 lacking any real horror, not only is it still a gorgeous title but it’s also one of the most fun co-op games that I’ve played.

Yet, if you play on PC and want an even snazzier version of Resident Evil 5, then you’re in luck, all thanks to the talented modding community. DSOGaming reports that a glorious ‘Ultimate Edition HD Mod’ makes Resident Evil 5 look better than ever which improves the textures for the character and weapon models, and environments in the game.

Sadly however, at least at the time of writing, the ‘Ultimate Edition HD Mod’ has been pulled from Nexusmods but you can download it directly via ResidentEvilModding thanks to MUG Studios. You can also check out all these amazing Resident Evil 5 mods courtesy of Nexusmods member, epicawesomemods.

Hopefully, the ‘Ultimate Edition HD Mod’ for Resident Evil 5 will one day return on Nexusmods. Until then, at least on consoles, we can still enjoy Resident Evil 5 in all its original glory on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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