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Resident Evil Code Veronica remake teased ahead of official reveal

Resident Evil Code Veronica remake teased ahead of official reveal

Could it be... Is this really happening?

In a bid to “burst the bubble” of Resident Evil fans, a leaker has instead stoked the fires of excitement after teasing a Code Veronica remake is on the way.

This isn’t the first time such a remake has been dangled in front of us, though.

Last year, an insider said a remake was “finally coming”, as well as a “free demo”. Capcom, however, never confirmed or denied this claim.

Come on now, as amazing as this fan remake is, we deserve the real Code Veronica remake!

It seemingly became another hopeful speculation... Or did it?

On Twitter, user @AestheticGamer1 posted, “From what I've heard, Zero is primarily being lead by K2 & M-Two (who most recently did Separate Ways DLC for RE4 & were a support studio on RE4).”

They continued, “Code Veronica is Capcom Dev 1 with a lot of the same people who worked on RE2 & RE4 though.”

Earlier in his posts, the same leaker also instructed fans to “wipe the expectations of Resident Evil 9 being announced this summer”.

Although that news may be disappointing to some, others were psyched to see further “confirmation” that the Code Veronica remake is going ahead.

“Oh my god thank you that is incredible if Dev 1 are doing Code Veronica,” commented @szn_theo.

On Reddit, a fan posted, “I see this as a huge win. Code Veronica is the least accessible RE game outside the OG games. A remake is needed more than RE5 remake.”

"Code Veronica being made by the A-team is such a W," another comment further down the discussion read. "I bet it's gonna become one of the fan favourites.”

Of course, Capcom is staying rather silent on the topic. Despite plenty of RE remakes in the works, Code Veronica is yet to be officially confirmed as one of them.

We live in hope, though.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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