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PC players gain access to limited-time freebie, worth £60

PC players gain access to limited-time freebie, worth £60

Move, move, move, you don't have long!

Creatives near and far, it’s time to log onto your PC and download this freebie usually priced at £60.

Yes, you read that right: this offer delivers a limited-time free trial of RPG MAKER UNITE, a Unity Engine experience that puts you in the captain’s seat.

Have you ever played an RPG that falls short of your hopes, knowing full well you could do better?

Check out the trailer for RPG MAKER UNITE below.

This is your way of proving that.

“Using the highly popular Unity Engine, RPG MAKER UNITE is here to provide a brand new experience for users old and new! Creating the RPG of your dreams has never been better!” reads the Epic Games description.

Upon visiting the Epic Games page for the title, you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s no freebie to be found.

Despite showing a discount in plain sight, the free PC trial we’re referring to can only be found by scrolling further down the page.

The discount will come in handy though, should you find the free trial enticing enough to get you invested in crafting more RPGs under the banner of your own personal development studio.

As the devs explain, “At Gotcha Gotcha Games, it is our sincerest wish to help aspiring game developers to create their own games without the many hurdles of game development. RPG MAKER UNITE is our latest endeavour to this mission.”

If you’re ready to test out your skills, this is the game to do it. And for the cost of nothing (at least initially), what have you got to lose? Besides your patience if you’re not as good as you hoped.

This trial won’t be around forever, so those interested need to act sooner rather than later to avoid missing out.

We wish you luck on your journey to making the perfect RPG. If you manage to outdo Baldur’s Gate 3, be sure to let us know!

Featured Image Credit: Gotcha Gotcha Games, Epic Games

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