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PC gamers can download a free 9/10 adventure game for a limited time

PC gamers can download a free 9/10 adventure game for a limited time

With adventures this amazing, and for free, who can say no!

Unlocking the door to free gaming isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t know where to look. This is why it’s always wise to search near and far to find exceptionally rated titles without the equally exceptional price tags.

PC players who are looking for adventure and puzzles galore, their brains itching to be tested to the fullest so that they’re forced to bring only the biggest brain energy, need look no further than a title available on the Epic Games store.

Doors – Paradox is a puzzle solving triumph that takes you on a journey through 58 “door-o-ramas” in a similar way that The Room franchise does, only on a smaller, compact scale. Luckily, you’re not alone in this adventure, with the time travelling Zula at your side to help guide you across the many planes of this strange world.

Enter mini worlds of wonder in Doors – Paradox.

Not quite sold on Doors – Paradox just yet? Then allow the players of this 9/10 title explain to you much better than I why you should savour this game whilst you can.

“Puzzles are just the right difficulty for a casual player looking to relax and chill,” shared one positive Steam review. “Graphics are beautiful. Looking forward to Boxes.” Boxes is from the creators of Doors – Paradox; its demo was recently played over on CJUGames’ YouTube channel, and is definitely worth checking out for the puzzle solving enthusiasts amongst you.

Another fan posted, “Very fun and relaxing. Each puzzle (door) is wholly independent of the others, so you can jump in at any time and play another two or three of them. Like eating popcorn.” We do love popcorn, and we love relaxing puzzle games.

Before anyone gets confused when visiting the Doors - Paradox page with a price attached to the purchase, this is because the game doesn’t become free until 1 February. After that date, you’ll have until 8 Feb to download it for free.

Featured Image Credit: Snapbreak Games, Epic Games

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