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Mass Effect free download is one you probably missed

Mass Effect free download is one you probably missed

Mass Effect fans won't want to miss this

While you’re waiting for Mass Effect 5, don’t miss out on this free spin-off game that you might have completely missed.

The Mass Effect series is on a pretty hefty hiatus right now, with no new entries since Mass Effect: Andromeda, which was laughably bad at launch compared to the previous three games.

Check out Mass Effect: Legendary Edition below

While Mass Effect 5 is in active development right now, it’s still pretty far off from releasing, so while you wait, I’d suggest checking out a Mass Effect game you maybe haven’t played.

It’s called The Adventures of Commander Shepard, and it’s a fan-made demake of the original games, morphing them from third-person shooters to point-and-click style adventures games.

All the core elements are still there, like picking your Shepard, making choices with the game’s story and characters, and it’s even fully voice-acted. In terms of gameplay, it’s more akin to a puzzle game, which is a nice change of pace from blasting aliens in the main games.

You can play it right now on PC, and while it’s a pretty short game, only lasting around an hour if you do everything, it’s a fresh take on a beloved series and worth a look if you’re a fan.

However if you’ve never played a Mass Effect game before and want to give it a go, worry not, as you can pick up remastered versions of the entire trilogy, plus all the DLC, for next to nothing on Steam right now. This is through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which is also available for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The wait for Mass Effect 5 is going to be long and difficult, though hopefully it’ll be worth it and not another disappointment like Andromeda.

So while you’re waiting, give The Adventures of Commander Shepard a go, it’s good fun and something you probably missed even if you’re a hardcore fan of the series.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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