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Mass Effect 5 tease is exactly what we all wanted to see

Mass Effect 5 tease is exactly what we all wanted to see

This has silenced our worries... for now

BioWare has a lot to prove to its fandom.

After the disappointment of Mass Effect: Andromeda (personally, I liked the game), the fandom has everything crossed that Mass Effect 5 will return to form.

However, few details about the next instalment are known.

What comes next in Mass Effect? We'd all love to know

Last month, we got a disheartening update regarding the new game which left fans reeling. Despite this, hope for the new adventure remains strong.

Arguably, this latest tidbit of information will brighten spirits even more.

Rumour has it, the next ME title will “ditch” open worlds and return to the “classic format”.

This speculation comes from Window Central’s Jez Corden. They said, “I've heard that Mass Effect is ditching open world and going back to its classic format. I don't know if that's accurate, 100 per cent, but it's an industry rumour."

Are we about to throw a celebration? Not exactly. But we’d be lying if we pretended this wasn’t great news... if proven to be true.

Even though open world settings are beautiful, they can be incredibly overwhelming, especially when far removed from what the fandom already knows.

Sometimes, sticking with tried and true methods works out better for all concerned.

Besides, we’d rather focus on the positives than the harsh reality that Mass Effect 5 will be unplayable for millions of players come launch day.

Thankfully, while the information regarding ME5 is lacking, Dragon Age news is gathering momentum as a potential release date looms. It’s been such a long wait.

We’re not quite able to feast on a BioWare banquet just yet though, frustrating though that is.

Until we receive solid details about the new game that go beyond speculation based on previous titles, insider rumours, and the teaser trailer, we’ll just have to pray ME is going to be as epic as the OG trilogy.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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