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Jak And Daxter is finally back from the dead

Jak And Daxter is finally back from the dead

They have arisen

As if by some miracle, an iconic duo returns to us just when we thought all was lost.

Ever since they came crashing onto our screens in the early 00s, Jak and Daxter have left an impression on us. Even when their adventures started to dry up, we still longed for more.

Although new games have been few and far between, this isn’t to say the pair are dead and buried just yet.

Ah, classic Jak and Daxter on the PS2 – what memories!

Jak and Daxter have made the odd reappearance – like when they arrived back on the PS5 earlier this year. However, the games normally chosen are far from fan-favourites, with the classic OG titles left out in the cold.

Thanks to the efforts of a group of fans, Jak and Daxter has been “natively ported to PC”.

Praise be!

If that wasn’t thrilling enough for long-time fans who’ve prayed for such a return, this PC port also features multiplayer options, both local and online.

As the developers explain, “The mod allows you to play through the game with others in a shared game world with interactable players.”

They continue, “All in-game cutscenes that normally interrupt the game flow have also been modified to run in real time to work better with multiplayer.”

Being able to play such retro experiences with additional features before highly anticipated AAA titles has fans in awe.

“We got Jak and Daxter multiplayer before GTA VI. Damn,” said Twitter user @AdrianByt.

Someone else posted, “Joy has been sparked this day,” before adding, “The speed-runs are about to be get even more wild!”

Today is a great day – no, a brilliant day – to be a Jak and Daxter fan.

Although we’d love official ports, we’ve become accustomed to fans doing the work that devs and publishers simply don’t want to do. It’s a sad status quo, to be sure, yet it delivers such wonderful surprises.

It's fantastic to see Jak and Daxter back in action, and with extra friends to boot!

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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