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God Of War finally goes to Egypt in breathtaking Unreal Engine 5 trailer

God Of War finally goes to Egypt in breathtaking Unreal Engine 5 trailer

This looks perfect for Kratos' next adventure

God of War has taken place in some beautiful settings, but one place the franchise has yet to explore is Egypt.

Although Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn’t made any moves to make this dream location happen, fans have.

YouTube channel TeaserPlay has given us a brief glimpse of what could be by using Unreal Engine 5, and my goodness, does it look gorgeous.

“It's fair to say the Egyptian gods are clearly in the lead when it comes to the race to be Kratos' next punching bag. In this video made by Unreal Engine 5, we tried to draw a general picture of God of War in Egypt,” reads the video caption.

This TeaserPlay concept for God of War looks incredible.

The graphics are a little rough around the edges in places, but what this showcase demonstrates is just how fitting the location would be.

Fans are psyched about the idea.

YouTuber @ee-dathanmorales3120 said, “I can already imagine the kind of boss fight if we are now in the Egyptian era of God of War.”

“Wow this looks so good! It looks too good,” commented another, but adding, “I hope they will make God of War game like this after Ragnarök.”

The location for the next Santa Monica Studio game hasn’t been revealed yet, though a sequel teaser did appear online last month.

Consequently, anything is possible until we’re told otherwise.

Even if Kratos never gets to visit Egypt officially in one of the games, at least he made the trip through the magic of fan-made content. Oh, and in a God of War comic as well.

“There is actually a comic that chronicles Kratos' journey from Greece to Scandinavia, and he winds up awakening in Egypt at the beginning of that comic,” revealed another player.

That’s a win we’ll gladly accept.

The world of mythology is Kratos’ to command; our only hope is that he ends up somewhere that hasn’t been done to death in other games.

Featured Image Credit: TeaserPlay via YouTube

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