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God Of War Ragnarök sequel teaser spotted online

God Of War Ragnarök sequel teaser spotted online

We're seriously hyped about this development

We’re all psyched about the inevitable sequel to God of War Ragnarök – both the base game and DLC wowed us, its impression still lingering to this day.

Naturally then, we’re on the lookout for any tidbits of information that reveal features about the next title in the God of War franchise.

Fans may have just found one such detail.

God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla is such a fantastic DLC – see for yourself (if you haven't already)

Santa Monica Studio – the devs behind Sony’s most recent Kratos outing – has “24 open positions” advertised for “their unannounced game”; speculation being that said game is none other than the new God of War.

This then led to fans expressing their excitement over the next game, and discussing what they hope to see Kratos and co tackle next. One common theme is an Aztec setting.

“Aztec has my vote too,” agreed one gamer. “Egypt is cool, but I also feel like I’ve seen it before (Assassin’s Creed Origins for video games, and countless other forms of media). Aztec though – that seems to me like a relatively underused setting across a lot of media.”

Someone else simply said, “Aztec would be sick.”

Of course, these jobs could very well be for another IP, however unlikely that may seem. Logically, God of War makes sense, but Santa Monica Studio hasn’t confirmed that’s what the roles are for.

Still, it’s given fans renewed hope that an announcement will soon be made, or at the very least, more teasers will start to appear.

In the meantime, fans have to entertainment themselves with the God of War content that’s gone before. Fortunately, there’s a jaw-dropping remake of the OG God of War that players really need to check out.

Other than new jobs, the only other information we know is that the new game will “bridge the gap” between the 2018 game and Ragnarök. It’s not much, but it’s enough for us to be hyped.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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