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Far Cry Primal looks like Elder Scrolls 6 in staggering next-gen remaster

Far Cry Primal looks like Elder Scrolls 6 in staggering next-gen remaster

You'll want to dive back into Far Cry Primal after taking a look at this stunning 8K remaster.

Little is known about Far Cry 7, with Ubisoft very much leaving fans of the long-running franchise in the dark.

All we know is that it’s set to be developed by Ubisoft Montreal and will shift away from the Dunia engine, instead using Snowdrop. A report by Insider Gaming previously stated that it could release in Fall of 2025, with a leak suggesting that it’ll be set on the fictional island of Kimsam, found in the Yellow Sea. The story is rumoured to centre around locating the protagonist’s kidnapped family after they’re targeted by a conspiracy group with one insider even claiming that there might be a time-limit mechanic in which you have to complete this task. I’d advise taking all of this with a pinch of salt for now.

In the meantime, fans have been revisiting previous Far Cry entries and today, I want to draw your attention to a stunning Far Cry Primal 8K remaster.

Upcoming dino horror Instinction is a mixture of Far Cry Primal and Dino Crisis. Take a look below.

This project is the work of the fantastic Digital Dreams on YouTube, whom I’m sure you’ve stumbled across before. The channel ran the game using NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4090 at 60fps in 8K resolution. It goes without saying that the end result is stunning. While I’d love to replay Far Cry Primal with these settings, as the player ventured through the lush woodlands, I couldn’t help but think this could offer a glimpse into what The Elder Scrolls VI might look like.

Circling back to wanting to get involved though, both you and I can. Digital Dreams make all of their ReShade mods available to download. The video has already garnered a very positive reception. “Never expected this game to look this good,” write one user, while another added, “One of my favourite games. It never felt so good to throw a spear into a body.” Dark, but I understand the sentiment.

Just the other day, Far Cry fans gathered to discuss how underrated Far Cry Primal is and I have to agree. While it has its repetitive loops, there’s a lot to love and enjoy in this original take on Far Cry. I wonder if one day we’ll see the franchise journey to other unique time periods.

Featured Image Credit: Digital Dreams via YouTube

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