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Far Cry Primal is seriously underrated, fans agree

Far Cry Primal is seriously underrated, fans agree

Far Cry fans agree that Far Cry Primal is one of the franchise's most underrated entries.

Far Cry Primal was largely well received, boasting a respectable score of 76 over on Metacritic. That being said, it’s certainly not held in the same regard as titles like Far Cry 3 or Far Cry 6.

Personally, I’d place Far Cry Primal in my top five when it comes to franchise entries but fans agree that for the most part, it’s an instalment that is vastly underrated. Launching back in 2016, Far Cry Primal switched up the typical formula, transporting us to a prehistoric era and swapping out assault rifles and flamethrowers for clubs and spears. Taking on the role of Wenja tribesman Takkar, players found themselves stranded in the fictional Oros valley. Admittedly, Far Cry Primal’s story was a tad predictable and some fans were less than satisfied with the limited roster of weapons. In retrospect though, much of the fandom is in agreement that it remains an underrated title.

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Reddit user Lychee247 started the conversation, writing, “Those were fun 29 hours,” alongside a 100% completion screenshot. The post, at the time of writing, already boasts 4,700 upvotes with plenty of users agreeing. “Very underrated game,” wrote FrankCastleNY, while ItchyK added, “A lot of people talk s**t about it. But it was a unique and fun game that I wasn't expecting at all.”

User mx_kush heaped on the praise, commenting, “Unpopular opinion: Best Far Cry game, I've only played about three or four of [th]em but Primal was amazing. It's still a Far Cry game but implementing Far Cry into the world of Oros … chef’s kiss. Makes me wish they did more imaginative things with the franchise, Far Cry but mediaeval or Far Cry but fantasy based. It's the necessary direction imo.” I’d be open to something like that, it’s an interesting proposition.

The thread then took a very wholesome turn when user evofender wrote, “I was a dev on this game. It warms my heart to see posts like this. I designed the missions for Karoosh the Warrior and Urki the Inventor storylines. Glad you enjoyed it!” Isn’t that delightful? If Far Cry Primal did pass you by, maybe this is the motivation you need to dive in.

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