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Far Cry Primal gets staggering next-gen overhaul you can download now

Far Cry Primal gets staggering next-gen overhaul you can download now

You'll have to pick your jaw up off the floor, it looks that good

Out of all of the Far Cry games, Far Cry Primal is that underrated gem. It deserved more praise than it received, and perhaps with this next-gen overhaul it’ll finally get it.

Fans are in agreement that Far Cry Primal is unfairly underrated; true, it never reached the dizzying heights of other titles in the franchise, but it has a solid following.

Far Cry Primal looks simply stunning in this next-gen showcase

On Steam, it has a nine out of ten rating partnered with “very positive” reviews. It’s described as a “breathe of fresh air” after all the guns we’ve become accustomed to from the series.

Yet, there’s always been that sense that the game has more to offer us.

An “ultra graphics” showcase of Far Cry Primal intends to show us just how much next-gen potential the game holds.

One could argue Ubisoft’s adventure already looked stunning before all the tinkering with reshaders and other mods. However, we also can’t deny that the game now looks simply breathtaking – and not simply because it offers a different setup compared with the rest.

“Never expected this game to look this good!” remarked YouTube user @gtxryzenbenchmarks. Fellow YouTuber @LueLucifer seconded this by saying, “It looks really good.”

We’re imagining how incredible this would look projected onto the wall; which is funnily enough how one player enjoyed the original version of the game.

“I used to play this game at night on a big projector screen,” they explain. “With headphones and permadeath survival. Believe f**king me, I still regard that as the best gaming experience I've ever had period.”

Not going to lie, we’d love to recreate this but with the modded graphics so that it feels like we’re part of the world we’re running through.

This next-gen teaser is just that: it’s a showcase of what could be. If you want to try it out for yourselves, Digital Dreams has its mod list in the YouTube video caption.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft, Digital Dreams – YouTube

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