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Battlefield 2 just got the remake we've been begging for

Battlefield 2 just got the remake we've been begging for

It's time for some nostalgia

Battlefield 2 may have first been released in 2005 but some may be surprised to learn that the FPS title is far from dead courtesy of this much-loved remake.

Released in 2005 for PC, Battlefield 2 is the third major instalment in the long-running FPS series which sees players compete mainly in online multiplayer modes in combined arms warfare.

Check out the trailer for Battlefield 1 below!

Spanning from 2002 to current day, with the most recent main entry Battlefield 2024, the FPS series stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the greats in the genre such as Call of Duty and it shows no signs of slowing down.

In fact, hanks to one fan-made project, Battlefield 2 is still going strong almost 20 years on.

Project Reality is a “free-to-download single and multiplayer game modification for Battlefield 2” according to its official website. It exists alongside the base game for PC but aims to make the FPS more realistic with a bigger emphasis on teamwork.

Its creators have worked on everything from visual and sound effects that now “present a true-to-life ballistics system that immerses the player in the battlefield like no other shooter can”.

Additionally, Project Reality offers “detailed battlegrounds as large as 64 square kilometers that take the player everywhere from the fjords of Norway to the narrow desert alleyways of Iraq to fight in massive team-versus-team battles with as many as 100 players.”

The project has been progressing well in recent years and has already managed to welcome 80,000 new players in 2024. As a result, a recent update just went live and it’s not one to miss out on if you were a fan of Battlefield 2 back in the day.

Project Reality: Battlefield 2 Version 1.8 adds six new factions to the game: Soviet Forces WW2 1941-42, Soviet Forces WW2 1944-45, German Forces WW2 1941-42, Russian 1990s, Militia 1990s and Chechen 1990s.

Additionally, it introduces 10 new maps, a new vehicle and kit and even new menu icons.

It is clear how much of a passion project this is so, if you want to experience a bit of nostalgia, make sure to check it out.

Featured Image Credit: Digital Illusions CE

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