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Nintendo Switch drops free Pokémon download, but you don't have long

Nintendo Switch drops free Pokémon download, but you don't have long

Pokémon fans need to be quick

Pokémon fans are eating well at the moment as Nintendo is giving away lots of free pocket monsters for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

This is all to celebrate the Pokémon championships that have recently played out across the world. With each region’s contest, we seem to have a Pokémon that was part of the winning team being sent to us as a mystery gift.

We've previously looked at how Pokémon has changed up the way Twitch plays the games.

So far, we’ve had Talonflame and Gyrados, and now we have Porygon2. This is to celebrate the North American championship which was won by Nils Dunlop.

The version of Porygon2 we’ll receive will be set up exactly as Nils had when they won the cup and will feature the following moves and abilities.

Porygon2 will have tera blast, ice beam, recover, and trick room. It will also have flying tera-type and will be holding the item, eviolite, which boosts defence and special defence for the Pokémon.

Players can redeem this download via a code that will go out across Nintendo social accounts from 7 June until 10 June, so you won’t have long to grab this one-off freebie.

Currently, Nintendo and Game Freak are giving out plenty of free Pokémon, perhaps as a way of drawing back players who have since put down the latest instalment in the franchise.

Offering up exclusives is a great way to pull in those lapsed players, or people who haven’t played yet and were thinking of diving in.

Scarlet and Violet, while they were released to disappointment over the visual issues and various bugs and glitches, have begun to stabilise.

Personally, I was feeling disappointed when I played the game at launch but having recently gone back, it’s more fun than ever. However, I would still say that the next game has to appear on refreshed hardware for it to really shine.

Featured Image Credit: The Pokémon Company

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