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Pokémon fans have until 3 June to grab free download for Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon fans have until 3 June to grab free download for Scarlet and Violet

Grab this download while you can

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans can get their hands on an exclusive download for the game, but you have to be quick as it will disappear soon.

We’ll be offered a mystery code to celebrate the Japanese Pokemon Championship-winning Pokemon, Talonflame.

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Players can download the winning Pokemon which will feature the full moveset used in the championship.

Talonflame will come with the following moves; acrobatics, tailwind, protect, and quick guard. It will have the ability, gale wings, and be a ghost tera-type.

This download will only be available between 1 June to 3 June and the code will be released via official channels, rather than by having to attend a shop to snag the code.

Once you have the code, you can open the game, select Poke Portal then Mystery Gift, before typing in your code.

Players can expect more Pokemon to become available as the year progresses. Later this month players can get their hands on Quaxly, based on Dot’s Pokemon from the Pokemon Horizons anime.

Currently, you can download a Gyrados until 30 June. This Pokemon is also based on a championship-winning creature, this time from the Singapore contest.

It’s a great time to be playing Scarlet and Violet after the game has received many patches improving performance since the game’s initial, and rather buggy, release.

When you take into account the free Pokemon being given away, along with the DLC packs, the game is well worth revisiting if you can. Personally, I played Violet at launch and was disappointed, but going back in, this time with Scarlet, I’m having a lot more fun.

Of course, we recently got an announcement for the next Pokemon Legends title, which follows Arceus. Hopefully more will be seen of that title this summer during Summer Games Fest and the Nintendo Direct.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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