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Nintendo Switch gamers can download and play 15 unreleased games free right now

Nintendo Switch gamers can download and play 15 unreleased games free right now

There are loads of free demos to play on Nintendo Switch right now, check them out

Nintendo Switch players should check out the eShop right now, as there are 15 upcoming games that you can check out for free before they launch.

While Nintendo’s digital store isn’t as neatly packed with discounts and freebies like Steam, or even the PlayStation or Xbox store, there are still some pretty good deals if you know where to look.

Scuttling onto the Nintendo Switch store this week is Another Crab's Treasure, check it out below

Right now, Nintendo Switch users can play 15 games for free at no additional cost, and they’re all games that haven’t actually been released yet.

This of course means they’re only demos, but free is free, and some of them are well-worth checking out.

The full list includes:

  • Europa
  • Duck Detective - The Secret Salami
  • Shogun Showdown
  • C.A.R.D.S. RPG: The Misty Battlefield
  • Umbraclaw
  • SKELER Boy
  • Leif's Adventure: Netherworld Hero
  • The Land Beneath Us
  • Blade Jumper
  • Thief’s Shelter
  • Kittengumi: The Sakabato's Thief
  • Void’s Ballad
  • NED

Now we could go through each game, what they’re like, and when they’re coming out, but I fear we’d be here all day so instead I’m going to pick three of the best looking ones and tell you all about them, cool? Cool.

First up is Europa, a delightful looking game that gives off some serious Studio Ghibli vibes. In this game you’ll be running, gliding and flying through a gorgeous world while discovering ancient ruins and solving a mystery.

Next is Duck Detective- The Secret Salami, another lovely little game that’s stylistically similar to Paper Mario, but with more of a focus on puzzles and problem solving than combat. This one immediately went on my wishlist, so I’d implore you all to check it out.

Finally we have Umbraclaw, a 2D action adventure game that cat fanatics will want to snatch up immediately. Players will have to navigate its various stages without being hit once, otherwise you die and go back to the beginning.

There are plenty more Nintendo Switch demos where they came from, so check out the list and see what you think.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/Happy Broccoli Games

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