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Nintendo quietly reveals stunning new hardware arriving this year

Nintendo quietly reveals stunning new hardware arriving this year

Just shut up and take our money

Yesterday, Nintendo Direct surprised us by dropping new games we hadn’t planned for. Yet, among all the announcements, there’s one many of us missed.

It’s not our fault, though, as Nintendo has been rather quiet about this reveal despite how stunning it is.

Our Princess is about to embark on her biggest adventure yet in The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom

We’ve been spoiled, and as such there’s quite a few games that we’re hyped about. However, it’s fair to say that The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom is currently the most talked about.

There’s also been four classic titles added to the Nintendo Online Service to help tide us over until we can play as Princess Zelda.

Still, that isn’t the announcement that has us checking our bank accounts to make sure we have enough funds – it’s the gorgeous new Zelda inspired hardware.

You might have blinked and missed this reveal because Nintendo hardly made much of a fuss about it. Nevertheless, it’s a thing of beauty that needs to be seen by all.

The ‘Hyrule Edition’ Nintendo Switch Lite is launching alongside the new Zelda game to celebrate ar Zelda getting her own game. Princesses, rise up.

Encased in a golden design, there’s a subtle Hyrule crest displayed on the back, finished off with black buttons to give it an elegant, classy feel.

Personally, I’d have loved it to be pink and gold to embrace Zelda’s outfit, but Princess Peach got the pink Joy Cons so that’s already been done (kind of).

Honestly, this is one of the best looking pieces we’ve seen from Nintendo for some time, and it’s not like it hasn’t kept us inundated with vibrant Joy con renditions and previous Legend of Zelda themed hardware.

“I have absolutely no need for such a thing. How much is it and where can I buy one?” joked Twitter user @The_Thnikkaman.

Others chose to gush over the similarities between the new Switch Lite and the deceased golden Game Boy Advance SP.

The 26 September can’t come soon enough.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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