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I already like LEGO Horizon Adventures more than the actual games

I already like LEGO Horizon Adventures more than the actual games

Sorry not sorry

LEGO Horizon Adventures is already more appealing to me than the actual games, and I’ll die on that hill.

I think we can all agree that LEGO Horizon Adventures was a delightful surprise during the Summer Game Feat liveshow, and it sets up an exciting prospect for future LEGO games based on PlayStation IPs. The fact it’s also releasing day-one on Nintendo Switch was also fantastic news.

Check out the trailer for LEGO Horizon Adventures below

After a hands-on session with the game,I was blown away by how good it looked and how well it played, as well as all of the intricate details synonymous with LEGO games.

However the most appealing part to me was how it’s seemingly retelling the entirety of Horizon Zero Dawn with that classic LEGO humour and style, which in my opinion makes it far more appealing than the normal games.

LEGO Horizon Adventures-
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Don’t get me wrong, I like the Horizon games, but the story of Aloy was my main driving factor in playing them, with the actual gameplay taking a backseat. Perhaps I felt a bit of burnout for open world games at the time, but I didn’t feel compelled to crank up the challenge and instead opted for a more relaxed experience where I could enjoy the narrative unimpeded.

LEGO Horizon Adventures seemingly promotes that exact kind of experience, telling the tale of Aloy and her companions with silly humour that translates into the gameplay. From my short time with the game I gathered that you won’t have to do a bunch of foraging for supplies, nor spend ages travelling from Point A to Point B in an expansive open world, though I will admit the latter was always made more appealing by the gorgeous visuals.

Horizon Zero Dawn-
Sony Interactive Entertainment

The combat is also simplified but still engaging, as you’re still aiming for an enemy’s weak points as well as interacting with the environment as you look for explosive barrels or power-ups, while you’re dodging enemies of course.

Your efforts are then rewarded with cutscenes providing humorous adaptations of some of Horizon Zero Dawn’s main story beats, voiced by the original cast who are playing exaggerated and silly versions of their characters. Aloy going from a determined badass to a goofy goober was quite the transition, but one that feels justified and immensely entertaining.

I can’t wait to experience the story of Horizon Zero Dawn again in LEGO format, and I genuinely believe it could become my definitive version of Aloy’s adventure, though of course only time will tell if I’m right.

LEGO Horizon Adventures will be released later this year for PlayStation 5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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