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Nintendo Switch is getting one of PlayStation's biggest franchises

Nintendo Switch is getting one of PlayStation's biggest franchises

In an unexpected move, we see a PlayStation franchise land on Nintendo Switch

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises in recent days from Summer Game Fest is the introduction of a beloved PlayStation franchise to the Nintendo Switch.

Coming later this year, Nintendo welcomes Aloy with open arms as the Horizon franchise lands on the handheld hybrid system with a LEGO crossover.

LEGO Horizon Adventures is a new adventure with fun at the heart of it.

LEGO Horizon Adventures is a fun and light-hearted take on the franchise that sees Aloy and her post-apocalyptic world transformed into LEGO pieces.

It’s impossible not to be charmed by this latest outing and to know that a larger audience will have the chance to experience it is even better.

You might be wondering why we’re seeing this crossover, but the LEGO Tallneck set is one of the most impressive gaming LEGO sets of recent years, and it’s clear that the rest of the Horizon world looks adorable.

Also, everything works as LEGO, just look at Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Will this mean that we’ll see more of Sony’s celebrated franchises jump to other consoles, or get their own LEGO experiences?

It’s hard to say. Horizon works so well in this format because it's about exploration, as well as combat. This translates very well to the blocky style which is, after all, based on fun and experimentation.

Reddit was torn, however, with some loving the look of the project, while others didn’t seem convinced.

One user said, “Those Machines go incredibly hard as LEGO designs,” while another commented, “I hope this is the start of more LEGO adaptations of other video games.”

This Redditor, however, points out that “LEGO wants to 'LEGOlize' every game in this world,” suggesting a level of unoriginality. Though I can’t see this problem, honestly. It just brings beloved characters and worlds to more audiences who might want to visit the full games at another time.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo, Sony

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