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Hogwarts Legacy was 2023's most popular game, according to Google

Hogwarts Legacy was 2023's most popular game, according to Google

Google has some explaining to do

The Game Awards 2023 may have already chosen its GOTY, and we here at GAMINGbible have come to our own conclusions, but, according to Google, the most popular game is Hogwarts Legacy.

We’re not disputing that the Harry Potter epic has many charms, most obvious being the fact you can be a witch/wizard, but as for it being the most popular game? We’re undecided on that, even more so when Google claims that Starfield is the fifth most popular, and Baldur’s Gate 3 shockingly sixth.

Have you ventured into the magic of Hogwarts Legacy yet?

Considering the fact that Bethesda got angsty with fans over their remarks that Starfield is boring, alongside the fact that BG3 has been praised for being the “horniest game” of the year, the idea that they’re somehow secondary to HL seems bizarre. More so BG3 (sorry, Starfield).

Of course, being the most popular as far as Google is concerned doesn’t come down to actual popularity in the form of review scores but by way of online searches. Once you know that little caveat, it makes this news a lot easier to swallow.

That being said, with Switch fans blown away by how impressive HL looks on the handheld despite initial concerns, maybe it’s not at all surprising that the magical RPG has beaten all other titles to the crown of ‘most searched’.

Arguably, there’s a lot more controversy around HL, not least of all because of an author who shall not be named. Consequently, gamers will have been searching for answers, not just to whether it’s okay to play the game, but tutorials, hidden items, other game modes, and so forth.

It isn’t on the top of my games search history, but I am but one defiant gamer in a sea of many. As far as Google is concerned, my search history is of no concern to its analytical might.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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