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GTA 6 leak confirms multiple romance options

GTA 6 leak confirms multiple romance options

Multiple romance, cheating, honour system – what's going on with the romance options in GTA 6?

Every GTA 6 article, while helping to bridge the long gap between the game's announcement and its release, sometimes offers a bitter-sweet balm. On the one hand, we get new information, on the other, it still means the game isn’t out yet; it’s a double-edged sword. Still, one thing I cannot sleep on is all the romance gossip gripping the fandom.

Chiefly, what are the romance options, and will they include the “ladies of the night”, as one Redditor called them? Here at GAMINGbible, we already support the rumoured romance system that’s said to be in-game, thanks to leaks confirming that the two main characters can be passively or romantically involved with one another. Still, any further leaks are music to our ears, especially if such a dynamic system allows a more open-minded, poly-esque playthrough.

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There’s nothing in the way of concrete evidence – is there ever? – but it would seem that romancing sex workers is still going to be very much a part of the GTA 6 ethos, despite the worried cries of multiple men across Reddit.

Sex workers have been a staple part of the NPC list of the GTA games, and while my interest isn’t in simply acting like a frustrated teenage boy, it would be sad to see them removed. The sex workers, not the horny men. Though it’ll also be sad to see said workers still slapped around and killed, but that’s a story for another day; my point is, sex workers are an integral part of the franchise’s rich tapestry. As one player said on the topic, the game will just have “male and female” sex workers instead.

Then there’s the question as to whether the dynamic romance system will work on an RDR2 honour code, e.g. if you cheat on someone you’ll gain negative feedback from your in-game partner. However, GTA is as far removed from honour as possible, “GTA is an exaggerated take on the real world. It's meant to be fun & a bit out there,” explains Redditor Minute-Better, and so honour based systems seem unlikely.

Besides, there’s plenty of other areas of the upcoming game that should be drawing attention, not whether you can lay your way through the game by charm or via your wallet. One issue is the game being held back by one particular console (I’ll give you three guesses), alongside the equally large concern over the price tag of GTA 6. There’s a lot of drama surrounding this game, and it’s nowhere near ready to launch, though we can take comfort that sex, romance, and friendship will be a part of the experience, as too will graphics years ahead of RDR2.

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