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GTA 6 price is already dividing fans

GTA 6 price is already dividing fans

Grand Theft Auto fans are concerned Rockstar Games might charge above premium prices for GTA VI.

Grand Theft Auto fans are concerned Rockstar Games might charge above premium prices for GTA VI.

It’s no secret that Grand Theft Auto VI is one of the most anticipated video game releases of all time. Not only that though, it’s reportedly one of the most expensive media products ever produced, which sounds about right when you look at the recent leaks of its open world.

Check out a remastered version of GTA: Vice City below

That being said, how much the game will cost for consumers has become a concern amongst fans, as many believe Rockstar could charge a higher price than average AAA releases in order to ensure profits.

CLGFilms made a post on Reddit asking fans how much they think the game will cost at launch, and while some were confident it’d be the usual premium price of $70/£70, others believe it could be a little bit higher, especially for special editions.

“$70 like any AAA game nowadays”

“£69.99 (Based on the price of Spiderman 2 PS5) - pretty much whatever triple-A games cost in the current market in your country.”

“£70 standard, £80 special, £90/100 deluxe”

However, many believe it won’t be the cost of the game itself that’ll hurt consumers the most, but all the inevitable microtransactions that’ll come with it. GTA VI is set to have its own iteration of GTA Online, leading many to prepare for an ocean of content that can only be reliably accessed by paying real money for fake GTA dollars.

It’s even more obvious this will be the case when you look at how much some of the Take-Two Interactive execs made this year from GTA V microtransactions alone.

There’s even some concern that the pay-to-win/pay-to-play content will make its way into the singleplayer too, and not in the form of story expansions, which were planned for GTA V but scrapped in order to focus on GTA Online instead.

Only time will tell though, as Rockstar is yet to officially announce the release date for GTA VI, as well as give us a proper demonstration of what we can expect from the gameplay.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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