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GTA 6 can wait, GTA 5 is getting free story DLC this week

GTA 6 can wait, GTA 5 is getting free story DLC this week

We're sorry, but GTA 6 is the last thing on our mind now that there's a new GTA Online DLC

We're slightly concerned someone will revoke our GTA fan badge after we say this, but GTA VI can wait. At least for now. There are more pressing matters to discuss – like new DLC for GTA Online.

Despite all its criticism. GTA Online has a loyal and consistent following, chiefly because of how much there is to explore within the game; there's "a lot of content".

Currently, we need something to savour now that it looks increasingly likely that GTA VI will be delayed, if the latest Rockstar controversy is anything to go by.

If you're surprised that Rockstar Games has added DLC to GTA Online, you're not alone. Even though it makes the publisher quite a bit of money, few fans thought a new story (or should we say heist) would be delivered now that the focus is on the next GTA.

However, miracles do happened, and so we'll be taking on "corrupt LSPD cops" in 'The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid' from 7 March onwards. We're not exactly planners, but it feels like a date worth marking down on our calendars.

If farmyard antics don't sound appealing, you can rewatch the GTA VI trailer instead

Not everyone is pleased that there's a raid to take part in, however, with a plethora of fans screaming out for more GTA VI news. It seems the fandom will never be satisfied. "We want a GTA VI trailer 2" was almost a chorus on Rockstar's social media, alongside demands to see Lucia in a skimpy black dress...

Considering most believe that GTA VI is in its "final stretch", it makes sense that so many are demanding more information, besides what we glean from leaks, to be released. Nevertheless, it seems Rockstar wants to tease us for a little longer yet, and this GTA Online DLC is how it's going to do it.

If you fancy taking on corrupt cops, the new DLC will launch 7 March.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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